Introduction to Router and Routing Protocols:

  1. Static Routing, Dynamic Routing, Default Routing
  2. IP Addressing, Summarization (Auto and Manual)

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

  1. EIGRP Features, EIGRP Update Process
  2. Configuration and Verification of EIGRP Tables
  3. EQUAL and UNEQUAL Metric Route Load Sharing
  4. Summarization, EIGRP Metric Tuning
  5. Manipulating Hello and Hold Timer
  6. Static Neighbor configuration
  7. Passive Interfaces, Authentication
  8. Neighbor ship over WAN, EIGRP Stub features
  9. Default Route with EIGRP
  10. Route Filtering by using ACL, IP Prefix-list and Route-Map

Open Shortest Path First

  1. OSPF Link State Features, Packet Types
  2. OSPF Neighbors and Adjacencies on LAN and WAN
  3. LSA TYPES, OSPF Metric Calculation and Tuning
  4. OSPF Network Types (Point-to-Point, BMA, NBMA)
  5. OSPF Configuration and Verification, Route Filtering
  6. Route Summarization, Default Route in OSPF
  7. Special Areas (Stub, Totally Stubby, NSSA, Totally NSSA)
  8. OSPF Virtual Link with Authentication / No Authentication
  9. Manipulating Hello and Dead Intervals

Route Redistribution

  1. Redistribution Concepts and Process
  2. Redistributing into EIGRP / OSPF / RIP

Advance Redistribution

  1. PBR function and configuration,
  2. Redistribution with Route-Map / Distribute-list
  3. Issues with Multiple Redistribution Points
  4. IP Service Level Agreement

Border Gateway Protocol

  1. Basics of Internet Routing and Addressing
  2. Internet Route Aggregation
  3. BGP ASNs (Public and Private ASNs)
  4. Single Homed, Dual Homed
  5. Single Multi homed, Dual Multi homed
  6. Internal BGP: Next-hop Issue with IBGP
  7. Split-Horizon, IBGP Mesh
  8. Clearing BGP Peers (Inbound and Outbound Filtering)
  9. IBGP Neighbors with Loopback Address
  10. External BGP: EBGP Neighbors with Loopback Address
  11. BGP Update Messages and BGP States
  12. Effect of Auto Summarization in BGP
  13. BGP Path Attributes: weight, Local Preference,
  14. As-path Pre-pend
  15. Origin Codes, Multi Exit Discriminator
  16. BGP Route Filtering and BGP PATH Selection Process

IP Version & Addressing

  1. IPV6 Address Representation, Types of IPV6 Addresses
  2. Global Route Aggregation, Static IPV6 Address Configuration
  3. Stateful DHCP, Stateless Auto Configuration
  4. Multicast and other Special IPV6 Addresses, DAD
  5. IPV6 Routing Protocols and IGP Redistribution
  6. IPV4 and IPV6 Co-existence: Dual Stack, Tunneling, NAT-PT
  7. Static Point-to-Point IPV6 Tunneling
  8. Dynamic Multipoint IPV6 Tunnel:
  9. Auto and Manual 6 to 4 Tunnel, ISATAP Tunne

VPN Technologies

  2. DMVPN (Single Hub)
  3. PPPoE (Client Side)

Infrastructure Security

  1. IPv4 ACL (Standard, Extended, Time-based)
  2. IPV6 Traffic Filter
  3. Unicast RPF

Infrastructure Services

  1. Configure and Verfify IPV4 NAT
  2. Static, Dynamic, PAT
  3. IPV6 NAT


Enterprise Campus Network Design

  1. Hierarchical Network Design
  2. Multi Layer Switch Operation, Types of Multi Layer Switch
  3. Switching Tables: CAM / TCAM
  4. Switch Port Cables and Connectors
  5. Switch Port Configuration: Port Speed & Port Duplex Mode
  6. VLAN and TRUNKS: VLAN Membership and Deployment
  7. Trunk Encapsulation (ISL/Dot1q), DTP
  8. VLAN Trunking Protocol: VTP Domain / Modes / Advertisement
  9. VTP Version and VTP Pruning
  10. Power over Ethernet: Configuring and Verifying PoE
  11. Configuring and Verifying Voice VLAN

Aggregatiing Switch Link

  1. Switch Port Aggregating with Ether Channel,
  2. Ether Channel Load Balancing,
  3. Ether Channel Negotiation Protocol (PAgP, LACP)

Spanning Tree Protocol

  1. STP Concept, BPDU (CBPDU, TCN BPDU)
  2. STP States, STP Timers
  3. Types of STP: CST/PVST /PVST+
  4. STP Root Bridge Placement and Configuration
  5. STP Customization, Modifying STP Timers

Advance Spanning Tree Protocol

  1. Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
  2. BPDU & Convergence in RSTP
  3. Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
  4. MST Region, Instances with MST
  5. Type of Interfaces in MLS, Inter VLAN Routing in MLS
  6. Multi Layer Switching with CEF, DHCP within a MLS
  7. Routing Configuration in MLS

Layer 3 High Availability

  2. Supervisor and Route Processor Redundancy
  3. Configuring Redundancy Modes & Supervisor Synchronization
  4. Non Stop Forwarding

Securing Switched Network

  1. Port Security, 802.1x Authentication, Port Based Authentication
  2. Mitigating Spoofing Attacks, DHCP Snooping, IP Source Guard
  3. Dynamic ARP Inspection, VLAN ACL, Securing VLAN Trunk,
  4. VLAN Hopping, Private-VLAN Concept


  1. Introduction to Network Maintenance
  2. Introduction to Troubleshooting Process
  3. Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  4. Basic & Adv. Cisco Catalyst Switch Troubleshooting
  5. Introduction to Troubleshooting Routing Protocols
  6. Security Troubleshooting
  7. IP Services Troubleshooting
  8. IP Communications Troubleshooting
  9. Network Monitoring tools PRTG, SolarWinds
  10. Packet Analyzing & Sniffing tools Wireshark