SAP BASIS Introduction:

  1. What is ERP?
  2. What is SAP?
  3. Role of a Basis Consultant
  4. Application Servers, Central Instance, Dialog Instance
  5. R/3 Architecture
  6. System Landscape – One, Two and Three Tier Landscape
  7. Message Servers, Processes – Dispatcher, Work Processes etc

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – User Management:

  1. Creating Users
  2. Locking and Unlocking Users
  3. Deleting Users/ Limiting the validity for Users
  4. Limiting Logon Attempts
  5. eStting Password Controls
  6. Maintaining User defaults & Options

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – System Profiles:

  1. Concept
  2. Introduction to different Kinds of Profiles : Start, Default, Instance
  3. Maintaining R/3 Profiles
  4. Changing R/3 Profile Parameters
  5. Checking and Comparing R/3 Profiles

Operation Modes:

  1. Concept
  2. Choosing and Operation Mode
  3. Setting Up Operation Modes/Instances
  4. Operation Mode Switch : Advantage
  5. Scheduling Operation Modes
  6. Switching Operation Modes Manually

Background Processing:

  1. Background Processing
  2. Why Background Processing?
  3. What is a Background Job?
  4. Scheduling of Jobs
  5. Reservation for Class A Job
  6. Defining a Job using the Job Wizard
  7. Executing Programs as Job Steps
  8. Start Condition of a Job
  9. Status of Job

Spool Administration:

  1. Introduction to Basic terminologies of Printing System
  2. Managing Spool Requests
  3. Introduction to TemSe
  4. List of Useful Transactions in the Spool System and trouble shooting


  1. Security Considerations
  2. Security and Authorizations
  3. Introduction and Configuring the Profile Generator
  4. Troubleshooting and Authorization Errors
  5. Introduction to Roles and Authorizations
  6. Introduction to Object Class, Authorization Objects, Authorization Fields
  7. Creating Single Role, Composite Role, Derived Roles
  8. Introduction to Traffic Signals
  9. Working with User Information System
  10. Introduction to Various Reports
  11. Working with Various Security Related Tables

Client Administration:

  1. Concept of RFC(Remote Function Call)
  2. Client Administration Tools
  3. Creation/Locking/Deleting of Clients
  4. Introduction to Different Client Copies
  5. Local Client Copy, Remote Client Copy, Client Export/Import

Patch Management:

  1. Checking the Patch version
  2. Introduction to different Support Packages
  3. Usage of Support Package Manger
  4. Downloading and applying the patches from marketplace

Kernel Upgradation:

  1. Checking the Kernel Patch version
  2. Downloading and applying the Kernel Patch from marketplace
  3. Pre-requisites before applying a Kernel Patch
  4. Backup old Kernel and applying new patches

Change and Transport System (CTS):

  1. Introduction to CTS, transport layers and routes
  2. Transport Management System(TMS)
  3. Configuration of TMS
  4. Creating, Transporting Transport Request
  5. Working with Transporting Requests
  6. Analyzing TMS

General Administration Utilities:

  1. Locking and Unlocking T-Codes
  2. Monitoring Work Process and Active Servers
  3. Monitoring Lock Entries
  4. Monitoring Buffers and Memories
  5. Monitoring System Logs
  6. Overview of Memory Configuration

Database Overview:

  1. Introduction to Database Architecture
  2. Monitoring the database at SAP Level
  3. Table Space Administration
  4. Introduction to various DB Activities