• SAP and its Modules
    • ERP and Packages
    • DW Vs BW
    • Characteristics of Data(TINS)
    • Types of Data(MD,TD and CD)
    • OLAP Vs OLTP
    • Data models(ERM & MDM)
    • Info Objects and Types
    • Schemas in Warehousing
    • BW Architecture and Data flow
    • Types of projects in SAP
    • SAP System Landscape and Blueprint
    • SAP BW Version History
    • SAP Logon and Navigation


    • Administrator workbench Components:
    • Modelling:Info Providers,Info Object,Infosources,PSA and Source System
    • Objects: Info Areas,Info Object Catalogs,Application Components,Infosources,Datasources and Info Packages
    • Business Rules:Transfer Rules and Update Rules
    • Master Data loading from Flat File to Info Object(Characteristic).
    • Data Targets:ODS Object and Infocube.
    • Transaction DATA Loading from Flat file to Data Targets
    • Update Methods:Full,Intialize,Delta etc.
    • Info Providers:Multiproviders,Info sets and char as Data target.
    • Monitoring Jobs :RSMO and RSPC.
    • Transfer Methods:PSA and IDOC
    • Metadata Repository.


    • Business Content and Installation Options
    • DataFlow from SAP R/3 to BW
    • R/3 Data structures and dataflow
    • R/3 Extraction andd Types
    • Logistic Data Extraction
    • CO-PA Extraction
    • Generic Extraction

BEX REPORTING (5 Sessions)

    • Introduction to BEX Reporting
    • Problems in R/3 Reporting
    • Reporting Objects(2D & MD)
    • Defining and MOdifying Query definitions using Query Designer.
    • BEX Architecture and Dataflow
    • BEX Components:Analyser,Browser,Map and Web
    • Query Properties: Free characteristics,Restricted characteristics/Filters,Restricted Key Figures,Calculated Key figures,Variables,Conditions and Exceptions
    • Query Monitor (RSRT) and its usage
    • Query Jump Targets and Report to Report Interface

MISC TOPICS(5 Sessions)

    • Load Performance and Query Performance Issues
    • Process chains and Types
    • Open Hub Destination.Infospoke.
    • Real-time production and support issues.
    • ASAP Methodology and Tools
    • Introduction to Business Intelligence(BI 7.0)